About me

Santa Cruz artist.   One of the constants in my life has been the gift of play and optimism.  My life has been buoyed and enriched through these 2 important things.  Dedication and devotion and a huge ability to just keep going without knowing where it will lead is also present.

Using mostly acrylics and some pastels and pencil I dive into the play of color.  Enjoying the process of just making marks I allow the painting to take me on an adventure.  Some of my paintings have up to 20 layers changing with the flow and rhythm of the days creative pursuit. Using brushes, my fingers and hands, sticks, pencils, pens and pastels of all kinds, the art changes in its layers and if you look long enough you may begin to see something deeper in the painting.  I like to begin the paintings with a message of hope, a prayer, a mantra. Using symbols of hope and love and lifting up.   Something to bring good energy onto the canvas.  Large sweeping brushstrokes to small tiny dots, I am constantly experimenting and learning each and every day. This process allows me to create unexpected results.  It often takes a life of its own.  Using nature, stories, music and people as a muse…I am never bored or running out of inspiration.   Sometimes whimsical art, and sometimes something different.  A joyful artist bringing joy to you. This process is a discovery and a channel or connection from my heart.

Santa Cruz CA 95060